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Vintage Tone

You can never have too many guitars.

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What's New

I am currently very proud to represent my dear friend and world renown luthier Jason Kostal's collection, see link to the video below.
All instruments are visible by appointment only at our recording studio.
Plenty of Interviews from NAMM and inside of the 54 Strat coming soon on the YouTube Channel !

I have been in the vintage and fine instruments since I was 10, around 1983, I started repairing, modifying (slaughtering sometimes) guitars shortly after to "improve" the terrible instrument I could afford ...
I have been appraising, buying, selling and consigning instruments since 1996, ran different music stores in Paris, established my workshop in Denmark where I was building but also restoring and refinishing vintage instruments, specializing in accurate recreation of nitro custom color and sunburst finish.
I recently partnered up with the brilliant Olivier Zham here in Phoenix who owns , record label and recording studio. We have a small showroom at the studio and are working on producing quality content about Luthier friends as well as vintage instruments. We offer a different experience than a classic guitar store, due to our recording schedule, all instruments are visible in person by appointment only.
We are also producing video content for friends such as

Vintage Tone
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